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  • ISDN Bridge/Source-Connect Now
  • Phone Patch/Skype
  • Professionally Treated/Tuned Studio
  • RODE NT1-A Microphone
  • Mac Workstation/TwistedWave
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Interface


Email: Mark@KamishVoice.com
Phone: (317) 250-7898

Ad 11-18-2015


Sometimes "less is more" - especially when it comes to the voice of your project. If a feeling of connection is what you need in your production, Mark's quiet confidence may be exactly the voice you've been listening for. Mark's resonant, calm, elegantly-soothing voice (deep baritone with a soft timbre) is easy to listen to, friendly and gently genuine. His extensive on-stage acting experience and trial experience in the courtroom as a criminal defense lawyer bring an ease and confidence to his delivery that will help your message connect with its target audience. Mark is a storyteller, a craft cultivated from thousands of hours on stage and in the courtroom, and fine-tuned through training and experience as a professional voice actor. Recording from his own professional studio, Mark has the range and depth of understanding and interpretation to help you most effectively convey your message.